Listen to the blackbird sing
really listen,
stop all your mental chatter,
let the notes fill you
so your heart sings
with a new vibration.

Listen to the water gurgle
tumbling over rocks,
listen alone,
in stillness and quiet,
while the air hums
with the joy of bees.

Listen to the rain fall
and hear the earth
open its pores to receive
even as thunder rolls
through your bones.

Listen, and let the cicadas hymn
soar through you,
lifting your soul
to the tree tops,
let go
and simply listen.

Listen to the ocean’s surge
underscore the whale’s song
and seagulls crescendo,
can you hear it?
Listen with all your being
for they are singing
your song.

Listen, for there is no silence,
everything is alive
and singing praise,
even the rocks
with their deep, slow notes,
the trees with many voices,
and the blood in your veins.

Listen, to the secrets they tell
as if your life depended on it,
for your life depends on it.

5 July 2021

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