(this moment and place, now)
is the statement
(rule, law, fact)
that will
(nothing can stop it)
one day
(your choice is when)
take all arrogance away
(surrender to grace)
from every mind.
(every one, each and every one)

(that which blinds us with illusions)
makes an image of yourself
(images… False gods!)
that is not real.

It is this image
(talking clay)
which quails
(begs and cowers)
and retreats in terror,
(hides behind social norms?)
as the Voice for God
(a still small voice)
assures you
(comfort and assurance)
that you have strength,
(you are as spider web)
the wisdom
(all knowing)
and the holiness
(at one with all)
to go beyond all images.
(remember who you are)

You are not weak,
as is the image of yourself.
You are not ignorant
and helpless.

(fantasies woven from myth)
can not tarnish the truth in you,
(pure gold)
and misery
(nothing is lost)
can come not near
(there is no separation)
the holy home of God.


6 July 2021

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